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The administration team at Custom Bulk Bags is the backbone of the business. Their behind-the-scenes work keeps the company running smoothly and efficiently. These dedicated team members have shared some insights into their roles and the bulk bag industry as a whole. 

Custom Bulk Bags is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bulk bags in South Africa and the surrounding region. We are able to produce up to 3.5-million bulk bags per year, which includes weaving and extrusion of polypropylene. Our products range in size and capacity from half a cubic metre and 500kg up to two cubic metres and two-tonne bags. These products all carry a minimum 5:1 safety factor.

What are your individual roles as the team behind the administration team?

The administration team handles a lot of different work-related processes at Custom Bulk Bags. These include; “Certain sales orders, purchasing items needed for production requested by sales, forecast consolidation, updating forecast figures weekly, assisting with customer questionnaires or surveys, purchase orders and receipting, as well as reception duties,” explains Priya Nayager, who has been on the team for nearly three years.

“I work with five sales reps and four agents on all costings, sample requests, printing and stereo details, pricing, orders to the factory with Bill of Materials info, and I manage my own sales and export documentation,” states Mala Moodley, who has been at Custom Bulk Bags for two years.

Similarly, Evashni Manickum states that her duties in the administration team include “processing orders from start to finish; from the moment we receive an order, all throughout the factory implementing it, up until we have a happy customer who has received their bags.” Evashni has been with Custom Bulk Bags since January 2019 but has worked closely with the business since 2016.

Nicole Moodley says that she plays a supportive role in the administration team and provides them with any and all information needed for the effective operation of the department. She has been at Custom Bulk Bags for nine years and is an experienced member that plays a vital part in the functioning of the team.

Custom Bulk Bags administration team

What brings the most satisfaction when assisting the team?

The administration team works together as a unit to handle multiple processes at once. These business functions often need to take place within a day to ensure that Custom Bulk Bags can meet the demands of customers and continue to supply high-quality bags. “[The team] is really good to work with and I can always rely on them,” says Priya. 

Similarly, Mala says that one of the best aspects of the administration team is “managing to get things done for the business within a 24-hour period.” This is a testament to the collaboration and teamwork that is necessary from the admins. Nicole finds satisfaction from “being able to give prompt answers about orders and deliveries.”

What are your words of wisdom to motivate the team?

The administration team often shows support to one another and by working as a solid unit, they can achieve so much. Priya shares the following words of encouragement; “Always work towards your dream – keep putting in effort and you will achieve best results.” Evashni offers some of her own advice; “Individually, we are all just one drop. But together, we are an ocean and can make anything happen if we stick together.” 

On the other hand, Mala believes that communication and customer satisfaction are the main motivating forces behind her role on the team. When asked the same question, Nicole’s words of wisdom are to “become the person who would attract the results you seek.”

Custom Bulk Bags administration team

What is key for team spirit and how do you achieve that?

An administration team needs to work like a well-oiled machine. In order to achieve this, there needs to be commitment and collaboration. “Everyone on the team needs to believe in and commit to the mission and purpose of the business. It is important for the team’s success,” explains Priya.

On the same note, Mala says that working firmly and fairly with the team is key to getting along and achieving common goals. Evashni offers her insights too; “My key for team spirit is always using ‘we’ instead of ‘I’. We all celebrate each others’ successes, but if one fails then we ALL fail. We work together to change our errors into successes.”

Lastly, Nicole believes that attitude plays a major role in team spirit. “The key is to develop an attitude of gratitude. We can achieve this by saying thank you to each other for anything that they may have assisted you with,” she explains. For more information about our bulk bags, please contact us today. 


Custom Bulk Bags is a leading South African manufacturer of woven polypropylene bags for various industries, such as mining, chemicals and food. We are able to produce over 3.5-million bulk bags per year, keeping our customers in-stock at all times. Our bags adhere to the highest levels of quality as a result of our stringent in-house testing and quality control programmes.

Custom Bulk Bags holds ISO 9001 certification and we currently have a number of UN-certified designs. We are a Level 3 B-BBEE manufacturer and supplier and fall under the ownership structure of Deneb Investments Limited. For more information on our products, contact Follow us on Facebook for our latest news and industry insights.