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Insects – they’re a constant nuisance in the daily operations of many businesses. It can be an expensive endeavour for South African companies that store and transport certain goods and food items to control insect infestations. Not only do insects contaminate products, they can also damage packaging and inflict large financial losses. 

But do not worry! As a leading producer of flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBCs) in South Africa, Custom Bulk Bags is committed to assisting companies in safeguarding their valuable goods from insects and other pests. We manufacture up to 3.5 million bulk bags per year and our products can safely hold between 500kg and two tonnes of material per bag. 

We have the right tools and tactics to fight bugs through our premium bulk bags. But first, we must understand what causes insect infestations and how to avoid these problems. Bulk bags can be an effective tool in your packaging arsenal to protect products and minimise losses.

What attracts insects to products that are stored?

The first step to successful prevention is realising how appealing your warehouse is to these unwanted guests. Insects are drawn to things that are stored for the following reasons:

  • Food source – Insects are always looking for food. They have easy access to grains, nuts, dried fruits, and other organic materials as food sources.
  • Shelter – Warehouses frequently provide the ideal conditions for insects to breed – that is, warmth, darkness, and protection from the elements.
  • Moisture – Damp pipes, condensation, or incorrect storage can leave warehouses with pockets of wetness that draw insects that feed on moisture.

The negative impact of insect infestations

An infestation of insects can have serious repercussions for enterprises in South Africa. The corpses, droppings, and lost skin of insects can contaminate food items and other products, making them unfit for sale or consumption. By digging into packaging or feeding on the product itself, certain insects, such as weevils and moths, can cause direct damage to stored goods.

This causes significant financial losses as product recalls, lost sales, and possible fines are all consequences of contaminated or damaged goods. Furthermore, the price of replacing products and pest treatment might have a big effect on your revenue.

Customised bulk bags provide a strong defence against pest infestations. They are highly adaptable and reasonably priced polypropylene woven containers that work well for holding a variety of goods. They help provide a more secure storage environment by primarily creating a physical barrier between your products and the insects.

High-quality bulk bags are also more resistant to rips and tears than conventional packing materials like sacks, which further reduces the possibility of insect penetration. What’s more, bulk bags are still breathable (more so than certain plastic or steel containers). This lets moisture out, which lowers the possibility of mould growing and deters insects attracted to damp areas.

Other methods of pest control

Although bulk bags are a big help with bug management, getting the best protection requires a well-rounded strategy. Here are a few more tactics to think about:

  • Warehouse sanitation – Ensure that your warehouse is kept tidy and orderly. Sweep floors frequently, clear away trash, and remove any possible insect food sources.
  • Storage procedures – Pallets should be used to keep goods off the ground and away from dampness, allowing for adequate ventilation. In order to prevent older products from being neglected and becoming vulnerable to infestation, rotate stock on a regular basis.
  • Warehouse sealing – To keep insects out of the warehouse, seal up any gaps or crevices in the walls, doors, and windows. Think about covering windows and ventilation apertures with bug screens.
  • Professional pest control – Adding frequent inspections and preventative treatments to your entire plan might be improved by collaborating with a reputable pest control business.

Purchasing high-quality FIBCs is a wise business move

Custom Bulk Bags is dedicated to offering world-class FIBCs to South African companies. We guarantee exceptional strength, durability, and resistance for all of our products as they are designed and manufactured to international specifications. 

High-quality bulk bags minimise product damage and make handling simpler, making them a more efficient storage option than conventional packaging solutions. Not only does this lead to insect-free products but it also builds consumer trust and enhances your brand’s reputation.

We know how important it is to keep your products safe. We provide a large selection of bulk bags ideal for a range of goods and storage requirements. We also offer professional guidance on selecting the ideal bulk bag for your unique needs. Keep your income from being eaten away by insect infestations! For more information about our bulk bags or to get advice on the ideal design specifications, please contact us today.


Custom Bulk Bags is a leading South African manufacturer of woven polypropylene bags for various industries, such as mining, chemicals and food. We are able to produce over 3.5-million bulk bags per year, keeping our customers in stock at all times. Our bags adhere to the highest levels of quality as a result of our stringent in-house testing and quality control programmes.

Custom Bulk Bags holds ISO 9001 certification and we currently have a number of UN-certified designs. We are a Level 2 B-BBEE manufacturer and supplier and fall under the ownership structure of Deneb Investments Limited. For more information on our products, contact Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram for our latest news and industry insights.