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Custom Bulk Bags (CBB) and its sister company, Integrated Poly Propylene (IPP), have grown into South Africa’s leading polypropylene extrusion and bulk bag manufacturing companies over the past year. 

The total extrusion and weaving capacity of 6500 tons per annum is not all converted to bulk bags. The balance of the fabric is sold into the mining industry as well as other smaller bulk bag manufacturers. Our bag division has the capacity to produce up to 3.5-million bulk bags per year. We confidently supply all three main sectors; mining, chemicals and foods.

Customer service, safety and sustainability are three core pillars of the business model. The backing from Deneb Investments allows us to successfully meet our clients’ expectations with superior service delivery. We are accredited with a Level 2 B-BBEE rating, which brings numerous benefits to our customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Custom Bulk Bags employee setting up her sewing machine

CBB bulk bag products

Our fabrics all meet the stringent testing requirements and our bulk bags have a minimum 5:1 safety factor rating, which means that they can safely hold at least five times their intended load without failing. The precision manufacturing and quality control of our products make them extremely safe to use for a variety of applications. Our business holds ISO 9001 certification for quality management.

We strive to improve sustainability by using in-house recycled material from offcuts and rejected panels. We have contracted an accredited waste management company to handle the non-product waste. 

In addition, we have started to use a greater percentage of alternative energy, including solar power. The water used on the premises will also be harvested and recycled, making us one of the greenest bulk bag manufacturers in South Africa. Our slogan “As green as can be” was recently registered as a trademark.

Custom Bulk bags production floor

Leading the way for South Africa

We continually benchmark ourselves against international competitors and we ensure that we attain international quality certification using internationally recognised testing houses like Labordata out of Braunschweig, Germany. 

R15-million was approved in our previous financial year and a further R55-million has just been approved for the purchase of new extrusion and weaving machinery. This massive cash injection will help to upgrade the manufacturing equipment and boost our production output. 

As such, we are due to open a new cutting, printing and sewing plant in Bloemfontein in September 2022 for production in February 2023. This will add a total of 175 staff members, bringing our total up to just under 1000 employees (707 in Durban, 175 in Bloemfontein and around 95 coming from two outsourced operations). This new facility will bring the company closer to some key customers and minimise lead times, as well as mitigate product interruptions at our production facilities.

As the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic seem to ease, we are proud to have been able to assist our staff members through the lockdown periods. As an essential service provider, we were only closed for a short period. In addition, the unrest of July 2021 and the recent floods in KwaZulu-Natal shook the region. The resilience of the company to survive these three events is a testimony to all of our employees and their families.


Custom Bulk Bags is a leading South African manufacturer of woven polypropylene bags for various industries, such as mining, chemicals and food. We are able to produce over 3.5-million bulk bags per year, keeping our customers in stock at all times. Our bags adhere to the highest levels of quality as a result of our stringent in-house testing and quality control programmes.

Custom Bulk Bags holds ISO 9001 certification and we currently have a number of UN-certified designs. We are a Level 2 B-BBEE manufacturer and supplier and fall under the ownership structure of Deneb Investments Limited. For more information on our products, contact Follow us on Facebook for our latest news and industry insights.